Ichor is the blood analogue of lifeforms on Kai'szera'ko, and everything from plants to animals have Ichor in some form.


Ichor is made up of plasma, blood cells, lymph, and mitochondria. The pigment in blood cells is not iron-based, but iridium-based. As a result, Ichor is usually a yellow or orange color. In sunlight, however, Ichor denatures and gradually turns to green and then a black-blue color.

Ichor is the source of mitochondria in an organism's body, barring heart muscle. This is because the anaerobic respiration found in organisms with Ichor is a slower process than aerobic respiration. Rather than create ATP at the place in need, Ichor creates ATP continuously, and moves it to wherever it its needed.

Ichor as food

As Ichor contains more nutrients compared to the rest of an organism, it is often eaten as a food itself. Animals often have mouthparts designed to extract Ichor, and there are many recipes that use Ichor as a major ingredient.

Cultural effects

Kai'mē and Kai'emē don't view Ichor as a violent symbol as humans view blood. Instead, it is seen as a symbol of life, as it sustains everything in the ecosystem.

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